HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc.
is a full-service, independent music publisher. Offering songwriter development, song pitching/plugging, music licensing, record production and first-class administration services, HoriPro Entertainment Group provides a total publishing solution for its valued clients.

While able to provide the same services found at major publishing conglomerates, HoriPro is rooted in a hands-on approach to music publishing and songwriter development, operating under a true passion for music and the musicians who create it. Working individually with each songwriter, producer, and artist, HoriPro develops a unique roadmap to success for each of its clients.

An independent publisher with global reach, HoriPro’s network provides for opportunities to take music beyond the scope of most traditional music publishers. The independent nature of HoriPro allows for an uncluttered corporate structure and a willingness to endeavor projects that other publishers simply cannot. With over 20 years of experience in the U.S., HoriPro’s devoted staff has worked tirelessly to create value for its deep catalog of songs - not only placing existing hits in traditional and emerging outlets, but working with its roster of songwriters to create new successes.

HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Tokyo, Japan-based HoriPro Inc., whose companies include talent agencies representing artists, actors, entertainers, and models, as well as film and television production capabilities. HoriPro Inc. Japan also proudly houses two premier, internationally focused music subsidiaries: prominent music publisher, Taiyo Music, and the WHD record label.


HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc., then known as Hori Productions America, Inc., got its first foothold into the U.S. music community by acquiring the publishing assets of the legendary rock band, KISS. Looking to build on its initial success, HoriPro set its sights on the next purchase, which would be found in a young company known as Evergreen Entertainment Group. Developed throughout the 1980’s by Dick James’ office in Nashville, TN, Evergreen contained not only a wealth of hit songs in its Nashlon and Dejamus Inc. catalogs, but a stable of extraordinary songwriters. Completing its initial round of investments, HoriPro bought a stake in Tickson Music, a company which housed singer/songwriters such as Gram Parsons and Chris Hilman of the Byrds, songwriters who would go on to define the “Sound of Los Angeles.” With these acquisitions, HoriPro had already begun to establish itself as an important player in music communities in both Nashville and Los Angeles.

In 1990...
One year after its first investment, HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc. officially established a physical U.S. presence in Nashville, TN. Bob Beckham, a seasoned music veteran who had just completed a 25-year tenure as head of Combine Music Corp., was brought on to head US operations. Beckham hit the ground running with HoriPro, hiring Ronnie Gant as the head of the creative team. Gant, a well respected songman and producer who had enjoyed a long-term association with Acuff-Rose Music Publishing, gave HoriPro the creative leverage to sign some of Nashville’s best talent.

Over the next 13 years...
HoriPro's Nashville songwriters would go on to write songs for some of country music’s most recognizable artists. HoriPro would also continue its path of publishing asset acquisition, purchasing Merit Music Corp. (1991), Jerry Reed’s Vector Music Corp. (1992), Double J Music Group (1999), and the publishing assets of seminal arena rock legends, REO Speedwagon (1992). Combined with its partnership in Emerald Forest Entertainment and IN2N Entertainment Group, HoriPro’s catalog has expanded to include over 13,000 songs in every major genre.

HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc. competes in the marketplace dominated by major publishing conglomerates by providing record labels, film and television producers, and advertising agencies with quality hit songs that sell music, enhance film and television projects, and sell consumer goods. HoriPro's diverse and extensive catalog is in great demand by traditional outlets and new technology services, alike.