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HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc. is a full-service, independent music publisher. Offering songwriter development, song pitching/plugging, music licensing, record production and first-class administration services, HoriPro Entertainment Group provides a total publishing solution for its valued clients. While able to provide the same services found at major publishing conglomerates, HoriPro is rooted in a hands-on approach to music publishing and songwriter development, operating under a true passion for music and the musicians who create it. Working individually with each songwriter, producer, and artist, HoriPro develops a unique roadmap to success for each of its clients.

Established in 1990, the Nashville office is focused on the business of music publishing - helping songwriters and publishing catalogs to realize their full potential.

Song Plugging • Royalty Administration  • Songwriter Development • Song Registration/Copyrighting • Licensing • Catalog Management

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